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Implants from beginning to end in one location. That is our goal for our patients. Utilizing our CBCT technology, we are able to create a 3D X-ray of your teeth. Not only does this let us diagnose things that can be hard to see in traditional 2-Dimensional X-rays, it also allows for us to precisely plan out where your implant will be placed. This information also allows us to create a . . . 

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same day crowns

No one likes going to the dentist office when a new crown is needed. Often times it can take valuable time out of your busy schedule and sometimes it can take multiple appointments at other dental offices. When you need a crown, it is imperative to get your crown placed quickly to help remove pain or to protect the remaining tooth. Epic Dental fully understands this, and we are committed to getting you in and out of our office in just one day.

With the technology we put into our same-day crowns, we can have your permanent and attractive crown ready in just one visit!  While the crown is being made, treat yourself to our free Wi-Fi and get some of your personal work done (or just play some games), and once the crown is complete, we will have you on your way.  Epic dental is always trying to be the best dentist Centerton AR and the surrounding area needs, working to get you back to your own schedule and spend more time doing the things you enjoy!

emergency dentistry

Besides same day crowns, we are also always able to address all of your dental emergencies. Life often throws you curve balls, sometimes even actual curve balls that result in a broken tooth.  We also see many who were involved in car accidents that have broken or chipped a tooth. 

Whether it is a broken or chipped tooth, gum or lip injury, dislodged teeth, mouth infection, impacted wisdom teeth, or just a severe toothache our dentist will be able to assist you with your dental needs. We pride ourselves on making personal connections with our patients especially in times of dental emergencies which can cause so much stress. 

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Contact our office day or night to reach our emergency contact info whenever you need emergency dentistry services

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tooth removal & composite fillings

We make it easier for you to get procedures like a tooth extraction completed, especially when an emergency dentistry need arises. We will do everything possible to save your teeth because we know that having your natural teeth is best. A lot of times we are able to use procedures to help strengthen weak teeth and gums.  Some of these procedures may be a filling, a crown or even a veneer.  If you’ve never had a filling then you have never likely had a cavity.  We use composite fillings to fill small to mid-sized holes in teeth where a cavity has formed and give them the durability to withstand the consistent stresses of chewing.  Often fillings can last decades before being replaced so they are a great treatment for your teeth.

When that tooth really needs to be pulled, what can you expect?  It can always be a bit of a change to lose a tooth, but our staff will always guide you to make the right dental calls even if that means extracting the tooth. Epic Dental does make it easy to pull your tooth, but we are also experts in saving them as well.  Localized numbing and even nitrous oxide gas can be used to help alleviate any pain during the procedure.  Ask us any questions you may have about extracting a tooth and the specific process that would be involved for you.

gum disease treatment

Another one of our great restorative services is our innovative gum disease treatment. If you are having gum problems or constant jaw pain and discomfort caused by infection our dentist can evaluate your gums and offer you the right treatment based on the severity of infection. In many cases we can solve the problem by simply prescribing antibiotics and implementing a strict oral hygiene schedule. If your problem goes beyond that our experts we will recommend you see a specialist where infected, dead, and damaged tissue may be removed to promote healing with minimal gum damage and get you feeling good again about your oral hygiene. 

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Oral hygiene has been proven time and time again to be a major factor in the function of our entire body.  Keeping your oral hygiene in check is a step in the right direction to keeping your body healthy and disease free.  Using Epic Dental is another step in the right direction and no dental office cares more about their patients.  We will always take the time to do it right the first time, so you feel better leaving our care than when you came to us.

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