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We here at Epic Dental understand the importance of a beautiful white smile! We are in the business of creating smiles that you can be proud to show off and one that gives you no pain or discomfort. No-one wants to be the one person in the picture that feels like they need to keep their lips together to take a nice photo.  Much less be the person always reaching for their jaw in agony.  We feel that you should always be able to smile wide with confidence and comfort. Luckily we know a little about this since we have been creating Epic Smiles for years and know just how to make this happen. At Epic Dental we offer an array of cosmetic dentistry options to can give you that white bright smile. 

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There is no-one in the field of Arkansas dentistry and braces that can offer the same value of products and service that our family here at Epic Dental can. We have the latest dental equipment to reshape, fill in, and whiten your smile so that you can leave our office with nothing less than a happy smile.  If you feel that cosmetic braces like Invisalign are the best choice for you, give us a call for a consultation.

We can help you with tooth discoloration and also cover gaps, chips and cracks with our tooth Veneers. This procedure is a great low maintenance choice that will leave you with a natural look and feel for your teeth.  Veneers prevent discoloration and require very little enamel removal.  If you are at all dissatisfied with the feel or look of your teeth, Epic Dental has options for you.

You may have heard of terms like Invisalign and may be curious just what that is.  The word is actually a company name but has become synonymous with clear aligner treatments such as SureSmile, the aligners that we use in our office.   If you are struggling with a your smile because of crooked teeth, our expert staff can get help you determine if a clear aligner treatment plan could be beneficial and give you the smile that you have always wanted.  This type of treatment generally consists of fitting you with aligners that progress in straightening your teeth.   They can be a great alternative to traditional braces. 

Feel like no matter what you do you can’t get the glow back in your smile? We have the most up-to-date Teeth Whitening methods that will have your teeth glowing brighter than ever before.  Ask us about our various treatments to find the perfect solution for you!


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We know how difficult it can be when your smile has faded to an off white or you have worn, cracked or broken teeth. It can be dangerous when your enamel has worn off because it makes your teeth vulnerable to infection and later tooth decay and breakage. This can also cause tooth sensitivity issues and make you feel poorly about your image. There is no reason anyone should ever have such discomfort or feel like they cannot show off their pearly whites. We have a solution for these unfortunate situations.

Veneers are a very important tool in any great dentist’s office. They are a thin cover which is placed over the visible part of your teeth. It is a fantastic product that can help your smile in many ways such as whitening permanently stained teeth, filling in chips on broken teeth, and rebuilding worn teeth. Veneers will either be made of a composite resin material or porcelain, whichever best suits the patients wants and needs. Composite resin veneers are made with a filling material the color of your tooth and then bonded to your tooth. They are typically a less expensive option and usually can be applied in fewer visits. Composite resin fillers are also easier to fix if damaged but are also not quite as strong as porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are traditionally more expensive but offer a variety of benefits including being more durable, are very natural looking and are much harder to stain. Your dentist can explain in detail the differences and give you expert advice on what will best suit you.

Teeth Whitening

It can be a fight sometimes to get your teeth to stay white the way you want. Coffee, Tea and smoking can wreak havoc on the color of  your teeth. Many of us try to use the right toothpastes and products that friends and family suggest to clean our teeth and keep them shining bright but it just doesn’t work all the time. At Epic Dental not only will we make your teeth shine like new with the most innovative processes, but we make sure all of our patients are aware of the best products and habits they can use to keep at optimum oral hygiene. We highly care about your smile and want to make sure you love it long after you have left our office.  Ask us about teeth whitening products and procedures.

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Your Closer Than You Think to straighter teeth

You should be able to reach your oral hygiene goals without sacrificing your lifestyle.  While traditional Arkansas dentistry and braces is available from a host of other providers, we feel that often times clear aligners (like those from Sure Smiles and Invisalign) are a better solution.  We care about your goals and want you to have a nice straight smile and Invisalign therapy with us will do it for you!

Look to Epic Dental for a traditional Arkansas dentistry and braces alternative.

Clear Aligner Therapy

Epic dental is a proud provider of clear aligner teeth straightening systems by SureSmile.

In many cases traditional orthodontics or cosmetic braces may not be ideal for all people. Brackets can be noticeable to you and others and can take tedious work to keep clean.  A better solution for many people may be clear aligner therapy.

You have likely heard names like Invisalign as they were an industry leader in making clear aligners become a more visible solution for dental patients.  SureSmile is a another provider of this therapy and we are happy to offer them to our clients. We have been thrilled to help many people use these systems to create beautiful smiles and improve both aesthetics and self confidence.

With this type of therapy, you are able to wear nearly invisible trays throughout the day! You are able to remove them when you eat with no food restrictions and are still able to keep your teeth clean and healthy. For many, these clear aligners lead to a gentle treatment with less soreness and often produces the final result in less time than traditional braces. 


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